Object Lessons

Object Lessons (2014-2017) is the next phase of my exploration of disrupted landscapes. Building on the Excavation and Land Marks photographs, the new work emphasizes the interaction of objects with carefully selected details from these sites. I like new and shiny, as well as old and tattered. And I like making things to be photographed.

I’m experimenting with different kinds of objects to make and a variety of materials to use. So obviously there’s a sculptural component to my approach. And arranging objects in a certain context is a form of still life. I constantly explore the works of artists in many media—both widely recognized and hardly known. I believe it’s important for artists to open themselves up to a wide range of possibilities. But my final product is a traditional photograph exploiting some existing condition. Although the sites where I’m photographing are compelling in their own right, by including a diversity of objects and ideas in the mix, I feel that the imagery is enhanced.