Land Marks

Land Marks (2009-2013) is a continuation of the Excavation series. Still working at sites that have been disturbed in a dramatic way, and still oriented to the ground plane—the imagery from this period emphasizes natural forces. Sun, wind and rain. Rot, mold and mildew. The process marks the surface in so many intriguing ways.

Objects included tend to be more natural stuff, rocks and plant forms, instead of the throwaways highlighted in the earlier work. But man-made materials are also part of the mix. Roofing felt is a favorite, for it reveals traces of items placed upon it. I say placed, but often I just toss stuff in an attempt to simulate the random effects of the natural world. And if I don’t like that particular effect, it’s easy to just toss it again.

These Land Marks will never be featured in a tourist guide. They describe small details photographed at a specific moment of time, but they reveal a process that evolves over a longer span. These are marks created by elemental forces with an assist from the photographic process.